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Festival of Trees

                                                              Designers & Descriptions

                                                                                                 A Gatsby Gala

                                                                  Designers: Christina Rose & the Senior Resource Coalition
                                                  Sponsors: Douglas County Independent Physicians Association (DCIPA) and
                                                                                 Neuner, Davidson, Cooley, and Rapp, LLC

                                                                                                      Tree Description:
                                                                                         Glamour... Luxury… Opulence…
                                                   This tree glitters with the elegance and extravagance of New York in 1922.

                                      Standing in front of this tree you can almost feel the irresistible beat of the Big Band and
                                     Jazz musicians such as Earl Burtnett, Miff Mole & His Molers, & The Knickerbockers! Strung
                                     with pearls, feathers and all things sumptuous, this tree will be a beautiful addition to any
                                                   holiday atmosphere.  Just remember… A little party never killed anybody!

                                                                                              Angels on Earth

                                                                           Designers: Marion Kotowski & Jamie McElmurry
                                                                Sponsors: Gordon Wood Insurance & Financial Services and
                                                                                              PacificSource Health Plans

                                                                                                      Tree Description:
                                                      There are angels who walk among us, never looking for glory or praise,
                                                               They don’t seek recognition for their thoughtful, caring ways.

                                                                  Covered in red, we pay tribute to our first responders and
                                                                 offer casual seating for all to kick your feet up, sit back and
                                                                                  relax in a casual setting after a busy day.

                                                                                                Santa’s Saloon
                                                                              Designers: Jordan Zerbach & Lydia Ouellette
                                                                 Sponsors: Pinnacle Engineering, Western Testing, LLC.,  and
                                                                                                  Paul Bentley Architect

                                                                                                      Tree Description:
                                                  Turn all of your holiday parties into memories with your own personal pub.
                                                        This rustic bar with galvanized tin and barn wood fits into any décor
                                                      - inside or outside. A wine rack and cabinet space keeps libations easily
                                                                      accessible for family gatherings and seasonal parties.
                                                              Creative repurposing, with its steampunk pipe table lamp and
                                                                   industrial liquor dispenser, sets this watering hole apart.

                                                            Your fully stocked saloon comes with everything needed to start
                                                                          off the season with a splash - a splash of liquor or
                                                                              perhaps a growler of cider or local craft beer.
                                                                     Whatever your guests desire they will be able to savor
                                                                      it in the new custom pub located right in your home.
        8                                                                Even Santa might stop by for a little holiday cheer.
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