Page 7 - Mercy Foundation eNews Fall 2017
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Because of Your Support for

       Festival of Trees:

       •  $770,000 has been donated to Douglas County agencies that partner with us through the
          Tree of Hope fund including 36 sets of washer and dryers, 13 AEDs to school districts and a
          blender bike to name a few projects.

       •  32,000 Douglas County students have received preventive dental services through Mercy
          Foundation’s Healthy Kids Outreach Program (HKOP) and HKOP has connected 2,200
          students with urgent dental needs to care.

       •  An astounding $3 million in dental services have been provided to community kids in the
          last 6 years.

       •  HKOP has expanded Kids in the Kitchen to five middle school sites.

       •  Take-Back events have resulted in the collection of 546 pounds of unused prescriptions and
          367 syringes.

       •  Over 200 community members have been trained and given
          materials on how to recognize and respond to suspected cases of
          human trafficking throughout Douglas County.

       •  Over 750 students received violence prevention and healthy

          relationship classes during the 2016-2017 school year.

       •  192 students enrolled in BOTVIN Life Skills classes and 168
          graduated.  The Resource Zone teen outreach project works to
          meet the needs of high risk teens through education, training and

          connection to community services.

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