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Welcome New                                                           MERCY FOUNDATION WISHES

                                                                                         TO THANK THE FOLLOWING
                                                                                         INDIVIDUALS WHO
                Board Members                                                            VOLUNTEER THEIR
                                                                                         TIME BY SERVING ON THE
                                                                                         MERCY FOUNDATION
                                                                                         BOARD OF DIRECTORS:

                                                                                         Gary Wayman, Chair
                                                                                         Paul Kremser, MD, Vice Chair
                                                                                         Syndi Beavers

                                                                                         John Blodgett, Treasurer
                                                                                         Ann Carey

                                                                                         Pete Carhart
                                                                                         Rachelle Carter
                                                                                         Liann Drechsel, DMD

                                                                                         Jerry Duncan
                                                                                         Gary Eads

                                                                                         Cheryl Ramberg-Ford
                                                                                         Jeff Johnson
            Ann Carey                            Rachelle Carter
                                                                                         Dave Leonard

                                                                                         Kelly Morgan
                                                                                         Kathleen Nickel
                                                                                         Shari Notenboom

                                                                                         Lisa Platt
                                                                                         Tammy Rondeau
                                                                                         Christine Seals, MD

                                                                                         Kim Swenson
                                                                                         Brad Watkins

                                                                                         Sandy Wertz

                                                                                        Text Campaign!

                                                                                         We are texting! If you wish to
                                                                                      participate in our future Text to Give
       Liann Drechsel, DMD                        Brad Watkins
                                                                                      fundraising opportunities, please call
                                                                                      or email us your cell phone number at
                                                                                     541.677.4818 or
                                                                                        and we will add you to our list!
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