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     Ambassador Child - Mallory Rush cont.

     Throughout it all, Mallory has never
     lost her spunk.

     Mallory’s first day back at pre-school
     after chemotherapy with all her hair
     gone, she took off her hat, said to all
     the other kids, “I don’t have hair
     because I had chemo. Now, I don’t
     want to tell anyone again.”

     According to Mindy, Mallory is doing
     great.  The surgeon was able to
     remove all but a very small tumor in
     and on her spine. For now it’s still a
     little bit of watch and wait every six
     months, but they are feeling hopeful,
     and expect that they will get to see
     Mallory grow up healthy.

     For other moms and dads in similar
     situations, Mindy has this advice.
     “While it can be hard to ask for help,
     and you may think that you don’t
     deserve it, you do. Let people
     support you. The staff at Mercy
     Foundation were genuine in their
     care and concern and compassion.”

     For all of the donors who made this
     gift to her family possible, she says,
     “Your generosity is really and truly
     appreciated and so worth it.  Thank

                    “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”    - Maya Angelou
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