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     Ambassador Child - Mallory Rush

     Meet sweet and sassy Mallory!           biopsies, the start of treatment with  Another three months would pass.
     On Dec. 10, 2015, four-year old         chemo, and trips back to Mercy’s ER.   There would be more tests, more
     Mallory woke up in the middle of the                                           MRIs, and more worry. Because the
     night with a terrible stomach ache.     Unfortunately the chemo, which         tumor was wrapped around her
     The pain was severe and Mallory kept    caused Mallory’s hair to fall out and  organs, it was very risky to remove
     pointing at her side and telling her    in general made her feel awful, didn’t  and she would need a very
     mom Mindy that it really hurt.          work. It wasn’t beating, or even       specialized surgery, one that couldn’t
                                             minimizing, her cancer. It was         be done in Portland.
     Mindy immediately thought it must       actually growing.
     be her appendix, so at 1:30 in the                                             Mallory’s dad Rick had been
     morning they drove to Mercy’s ER        The cancer was taking other tolls as   researching other treatment options
     thinking that Mallory might need        well.  During Mallory’s first          and found Dr. Michael P. La Quaglia, a
     emergency surgery.  What the            chemotherapy session, Mindy was        pediatric specialist in New York City.
     doctors found would lead Mallory,       also hospitalized at Legacy. A prior   When the staff at Randall’s Children’s
     Mindy and their family, including dad   surgery had resulted in                Hospital recommended the same
     Rick, brothers Jacob and Elias, and     complications, including a kidney      doctor, it was more than a sign; both
     sister Haley, on a long and             infection that led to sepsis. On top of  Mindy and Rick knew their daughter
     difficult journey.                        all this, Mindy missed so much work,   needed to go to New York.
                                             that she lost her job. While things
     What Mallory actually had was a         were tight financially, she says their  The challenge was that it was an
     ganglioneuroblastoma, a rare tumor      family was still doing ok.             expensive trip that would include
     that forms in the nerve tissue and is                                          round-trip flights for both Mallory
     often located in the abdomen. It is                                            and Mindy, plus food and lodging
     also a tumor that has both                                                     expenses for multiple nights.
     malignant and benign cells,
     or both cancerous and non-                                                     Here’s where Mercy Foundation, and
     cancerous cells, respectively.                                                 all of the people who support the
                                                                                    foundation, were able to help lessen
     Mallory’s tumor, the size of a                                                 their burden. Through the Children’s
     football, was tangled around                                                   Healthcare fund - supported through
     several of her organs,                                                         funds raised at the annual Festival of
     including her heart and                                                        Tree’s events -  the foundation
     lungs and was attached to                                                      underwrote the cost of the trip and
     her spine and inside her                                                       stayed connected with Mindy
     spinal canal.  Cancer in                                                       throughout Mallory’s extensive
     children can be hard to treat;                                                 surgery.
     this type of cancer is at the
     top of the list.                                                               Mindy credits the generosity of the
                                                                                    foundation donors for helping both
     After several tests within a                                                   Mallory and their family. The
     few hours of arriving at the                                                   foundation’s support took some of
     ER, Mallory and Mindy were            “I was able to be with Mallory           the pressure off of their family during
     on their way to Randall Children’s   and focus on her and our other            a really difficult time.
     hospital in Portland to meet with    children and not worry quite so
     their pediatric oncology specialists.                                          “I was able to be with Mallory and
     The next three months would be an           much,” says, Mindy.                focus on her and our other children
     unending series of medical tests,                                              and not worry quite so much,” says
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