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Festival of Trees

                                                                  Designers & Descriptions

                                                                                Christmas under the Sea
                                                                                                  Designer: Dana Gardin
                                                              Sponsor:  Dr. Linda Sewell – Excellence in Women’s Healthcare

                                                                                                      Tree Description:
                                               Sit back and gaze with wonder at this beautiful ocean-inspired Christmas tree.
                                                    With its majestic ocean colors, playful sea shell ornaments and iridescent
                                                  shimmering bubbles, appearing to rise from the bottom of the sea, you will
                                                                                        never tire of its depths of beauty.

                                                                                                     Date Night

                                                                               Designers: Sue Hyers & Catherine Lassesen
                                                                                                 Sponsor: Umpqua Bank

                                                                                                      Tree Description:
                                                      From a quiet evening on the patio with your new BBQ and local brews
                                                        to a romantic evening with local wines and roses, this tree is for you.
                                                            Enjoy twelve different date nights at local hot spots, out of town
                                                                                     getaways, or on your backyard patio.

                                                                        Dressed in shades of red, this tree is romance itself.
                                                                            Celebrate Christmas and romance all year long
                                                                                              with this "Date Night" tree.

                                                                                 Jessica  B.
                                                                          Ambassador 1999

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