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                                         Mrs. Susan Piekarski       Mr. Jeff Mornarich          Mr. Dennis Cox
                  Gift News              Ms. Lisa Platt             Ms. Jennifer Murphy         Ms. Barbara Crawford
                                         Mr. Mark Quann             Mr. Perry and Victoria Murray  Ms. Tamera Croucher
                   We gratefully         Ms. Kathleen Ross          North Star                  Mr. Keith and Deborah Cyphert
                  acknowledge the        Mrs. Mary Seidler          O'Toole's Pub               Ms. Rita Dale
                  donations made         Mr. Eric and Joan Sonnenburg  Mr. Michael and Joy Owens   Ms. Carrie Datig
                between January and      The Walden W. & Jean Young   Mr. Ralph and Betty Perkins  Ms. Kelley Dickey
                  December 2016           Shaw Foundation           Ms. Lisa Platt              Ms. Terri Dickinson
                                         Umpqua Community College   Mr. Joe Potter              Ms. Deanna Dixon
              Administrative Fund         Foundation                Prints Charming             Mrs. Elizabeth Droscher
              Mrs. Hazel Gladwill        Mr. Casey and Sandy Wertz  Mr.  Tim and Lynn Randall   Ms. Kimberli Dubie
              The Oregon Community       Mr. Mike and Sandra Wright  RMM, LLC                   Mr. Robert and Diane Dunas
               Foundation                                           Roseburg Fire Fighters Local   Ms. Tami Elst
              Oregon Community                                        #1110                     Ms. Linda Exceen
               Foundation - Joseph Weston Children's Healthcare Fund  Roseburg Glass Co.        Mr. Jeffrey and Stacey Fisher
               Public Foundation         Ms. Susie Ankeny           Mr. Eugene and Nellie Rue   Ms. Diana Fowler
              Oregon Community           Mrs. Nancy Anthony         Mr. G Douglas Sanders       Mr. Robert and Ann Fuller
               Foundation - Betty Long   Mr. Dennis and Shannon     Scoreboard Tavern           Ms. Jane Fullerton
               Unruh                      Archer                    Dr. Lee and Linda Sharp     Mr. Kyle Gaisor
                                         Ms. Heidi Barry            Smoky G’s BBQ               Ms. Debby Gayler-Benson
              Cardiology Equipment       Mr. Brian and Shannon Barry   Ms. Shannon Snell        Ms. Mary Gerbel
              Fund                       Bay Cities Ambulance       Steve Sigl Construction     Mrs. Chelsea Gillespie-Towne
              Mr. Craig and Kim Ball     Ms. Stacie Berry           Schroeder’s Fungi’s         Ms. Teresa Goodman
              Mr. Don and Jackie Barnett   Bi-Mart                  The Dam Site                Ms. Kimberly Grauer
              Mrs. Sarah Baumgartner     Brooke Communications      Mr. Ryan Traviss            Drs. Jason and Andrea Gray
              Mr. Bob and Mary Berch     Mr. Chris Brown            Mr. Steven and Toni Triplett  Ms. Christine Gregory
              Mr. Roger and Beverly Brandt Mr. Randy Christensen    Ms.  Reggi Troxel           Mr. Dennis and Cynthia Gregory
              Ms. Jeannette Brewer       Mrs. Hallie Clark          Ms. BJ Webster              Dr. Aric and Debra Groshong
              Mr. Ralph and Patricia Buono  Mr. Michael and Nancy Derby  Ms. Margaret Whitten   Mr. Michael and Barbara Grotting
              Ms. Sharon Carlson         Mrs. Elizabeth Droscher    Winchester Pub & Grill      Ms. Sheryl Haddock
              Mrs. Jenny Cevik           Douglas County Shrine Club  Mr. Jeremy and Kelly Woodley   Ms. Jennifer Hagan
              Mr. Rick and Renee Coen    Ms. Brie Ellenwood         Ms. Kristin Yraguen         Mr. Michael and Julie Hall
              Mr. Kenneth and Anita Cox   Ms. Mary Jane Fitzgerald                              Mr. Todd and Kristen Hansen
              Mrs. Christine Depner      Ms. Brooke Folletz                                     Ms. Savanah Hansen
              Mrs. Elizabeth Droscher    Mrs. Catherine Gatto       Employee Relief Fund        Ms. Kathleen Hargate
              Dr. Howard and Marjorie    Ms. Jasmine Geyer          Ms. Lucille Abrao           Mr. Harlan and Laurie Hayes
               Feldman                   Mr. Robert Grant           Ms. Brenna Adams            Ms. Patricia Hayes
              Mr. Tim and Angelia Freeman  Ms. Diana Gwaltney       Ms. Shanna Anderson         Ms. Laurie Haynes
              Mr. William and Tammy      Mr. Karl and Lisa Hancock  Mrs. Sarah Baumgartner      Mr. Kevin Herskovitz
               Hagedorn                  Mr. Donald and Kerry Hughes  Ms. Karen Beck            Ms. Carmen Hillmick
              Ms. Amber Johnson          Mrs. Betty Johnson         Ms. Melissa Bergstrand      Ms. Anna Holloway
              Mrs. Constance Kinman      Kodiak Bar & Grill         Mr. Michael and Patty Blackert  Mrs. Tina Holm
              Mr. Keith and Evelyn Klemmer   Mr. Cimeron Kormendi   Ms. Rebecca Blum            Mr. Ken and Holly Hutchings
              Ms. Marion Kotowski        Mr. Coy and Doris Ledbetter    Mr. Martin Borsheim     Ms. Jody Itzkowitz
              Mr. Jeff and Nancy Lehrbach   Mr. Jody and Amy Lee    Ms. Debra Boswell           Mrs. Rhonda Janky
              Ms. Keiara Leischner       Mr. Gary Leif              Ms. Michele Brantley        Mrs. Denise Johansen
              Ms. Trina McClure-Gwaltney  Leif Photography          Ms. Billie Brewster         Ms. Bethnie Johnson
              Mrs. Jamie McElmurry       Mr. Dale Long              Mr. Geoffrey Brownell       Ms. Gina Johnson
              Ms. Honey McNamara         Low and Slow BBQ           Mr. Robert Bryant           Mrs. Shannon Johnson
              Mercy Volunteer Services   Mr. Robert McMahan         Ms. Lanaia Buono            Mrs. Susan Johnson
              Mr. Mark and Kathleen Nickel Ms. Shanna McMahan       Ms. Carol Busenbark         Ms. Denise Jones
              Ms. Kimberlie Nutter       Mr. Jason Meisner          Ms. Billie Campbell         Mrs. Jenny Kaylor
              Mrs. Angela Osburn         Mr. Michael and Kameron    Ms. Crystal Clark           Mr. Victor and Kathleen Kelm
              Mrs. Bernice Piekarski      Merlino                   Mrs. Hallie Clark           Mr. Rollin Killoran
                                         Mr. Rick Merlino           Ms. Shelly Collins          Ms. Tamara Kippes

              “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  — Mother Teresa                           9
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