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              Program Spotlight:

              Serving Our Youth - Teen Transitions

              Funding Teen Transition:

              In 2016, a second, three-year grant was
              awarded to Mercy Foundation for a teen
              transition program. The $253,570 grant is

              being used to fund a mobile teen drop-in
              center that assists local youth 12-21 years
              of age with the following services:

              1. Achieving a GED

              2. Life skills for job applications, resumes, etc.

              3. Food preparation

              4. Medical and dental connection to care

              The foundation also received the donation of a large RV that is being used as the mobile
              operations center for teen services and includes computers, work area, and a kitchen. With the RV,

              services can be delivered directly to where kids are living and learning.

              Teen Transitions is a community effort and serves youth throughout Douglas County. Mercy
              Foundation’s Healthy Kids Outreach Program (HKOP) and UP2USNow Coalition, continue to
              collaborate with local agencies and programs, including ADAPT, DHS Child Services, local school
              district student services programs, and many other student-based services to provide the Teen

              Transition program.

              To learn more about the Teen Transition program, please contact 541-677-4818.

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