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           Talking Health Weekly Radio

          Mondays from 4 to 5 p.m.

                              Since August 2016, CHI Mercy Health is now the primary
                            sponsor of the “Talking Health” program on KQEN 1240. Our very
                          own Lisa Platt, Mercy Foundation president, is the host!!

                                The show, which started as a half an hour program, was recently
                              expanded to a full hour!  This has been a fantastic opportunity for
              our community to connect with guests each week and learn about
           local health-based topics and community events.

                                             Below are highlights of our guests recently featured on Talking Health. We encourage you to tune in each Monday on
                                          KQEN 1240AM from 4 to 5 p.m. to enjoy our Talking Health program or listen to the podcasts at


           If you have a health topic in mind for the Talking Health program, Mercy and Mercy Foundation would love to hear from

           you! Please send an email to or call 541-677-2114.




                                           Dr. Bruce Croffy, Chief Medical Officer with Umpqua
             Health (left) , Kelly Morgan, Mercy CEO (center),
                and Dr. Sharon Stanphill, Cow Creek Director of                     Analicia Nicholson - director of
             Health and Wellness (right), discussed the current                     Education Services at Douglas ESD

             and future state of Healthcare in Douglas County.                      discussed parenting tips and local
                                                                                    resources, including classes available for
                                              tal                                   community members.

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