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               Program Spotlight:

              UP2USNOW Child Abuse Prevention

              It’s no secret that child abuse happens in Douglas County.
              To change that, Mercy Medical Center and Mercy Foundation staff,
              working in concert with over 30 Douglas County community partner
              agencies and organizations, formed the Up2UsNow Child Abuse
              Prevention Coalition in July 2010. Our shared vision was to develop a
              child abuse and neglect prevention initiative that would address all six
              levels of the Spectrum of Prevention.

              Community conversations actually even started earlier in 2008, when multiple agencies came together to discuss the
              needs of Douglas County for child abuse prevention and treatment.  Following a community needs assessment, the
              Up2UsNow Child Abuse Prevention Coalition identified the following goals that continue to guide this work:

                  •     Increase the safety of children in families and social environments
                  •     Increase community capacity to prevent child abuse and maltreatment
                  •     Increase institutional capacity to prevent child abuse and maltreatment

              The Up2UsNow Coalition is a community-driven initiative whose function is to improve systems in order to provide
              at-risk families and individuals greater access to prevention services prior to an incident of child abuse. Success is
              measured primarily by a reduction in founded cases of child abuse in Douglas County and activities designed to achieve
              this reduction.

              UP2USNOW Projects Include:

              Youth Media Project
              The Up2UsNow Youth Media Project brings teens together to create peer-to-peer messages for use in social and
              traditional media to advance awareness of child abuse, bullying, sexual assault, substance abuse and other issues important
              to teens and help end it in Douglas County.

              The Up2UsNow Media Project is comprised of a series of workshops that teach interested teens how to use media
              effectively to send clear messages that help people change behaviors. Using social media networks and newly learned
              production skills and support, each group session produces effective messages to be aired on local television, social
              media, YouTube and nationally through prevention partnerships. Additionally, each workshop offers insights into teen
              issues from prevention professionals and addresses local resources and support systems along with how students can
              respond when faced with issues, personally.

              Human Trafficking Task Force
              This task force is focused on education and training around human trafficking. Services and training include:  Training for
              UCC Truck Driving School students using the Truckers Against Trafficking curriculum; education for UCC nursing, dental
              assistant and paramedic students on risk factors and signs of human trafficking, and training for law enforcement officers,
              security officers and advocates on recognizing the signs of human trafficking as well as local resources available. The task
              force also participates in community awareness events, and trainings for medical providers and office staff.

              For more information or to learn how to get involved with UP2USNow efforts, please visit our website at
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