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                                                       Donor Highlight:

                                                       Dotty & Jim Stapleton

                                                       Why We Give to Mercy Foundation

                                                       Is it ‘luck of the draw’ or a higher power’s will or some other force
                                                       that places some kids within loving families and in the best
                                                       neighborhoods and school districts and others not?  Children are
                                                       brought into this world through the choices of others.  Kids have no
                                                       control over when or where they are born.  They don’t come with
                                                       say so of family structure or health or capabilities of survival beyond
                                                       the human spirit with which each one draws as they interact within
                                                       their individual environments.  Whichever the reason, we all know
                                                       children are our future and each one deserves the opportunity for
                                                       exposure to healthful choices.

                                                       Within Douglas County, Mercy Foundation is well positioned to
                                                       partner with our community toward achieving this deserved
                                                       exposure to healthy choices when and where it is lacking.
                                                       We support Mercy Foundation because their goals coincide with
                                                       ours.  When kids know what healthy choices are, they can be
                   Mercy Foundation
                                                       healthy and have that knowledge throughout their lives.  The circle
                                                       becomes a positive one!

                                                       Through dedicated programs such as Healthy Kids Outreach*
                                                       providing dental care and education, The Child Abuse Prevention
                                                       Coalition, the Learning Child where children are provided basic
                                                       school supplies and even shoes to get started right for the new
                                                       school year, and more, the Mercy Foundation is there with the
                              A Mission of Giving
                                                       organizational skills, volunteers, staff and know-how to spread this

                                                       Plus, they have a way of making the journey a fun one!  Have you
                                                       ever been to the Festival of Trees celebration?  Or a donor
                                                       appreciation event?  Their many tentacles are highlighted at these
                                                       functions.  Seeing the results of kids with clean clothes to wear,
                                                       scholarships earned and big smiles on their faces is plenty

                                                       Jim and Dotty Stapleton

                                                       *learn more about Health Kids Outreach on page 5

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