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              Mr. Keith and Evelyn Klemmer  Ms. Marjorie Sjogren    Banner Bank                 Mr. Bradley Deaver
              Ms. Kay Kohlmeyer          Ms. Jennifer Smith         Mr. Dick Baltus and Ms. Debi   Mr. Raymond and Patricia
              Mr. David and Michelle     Mr. Timothy Smith            Ashley                     Dick
               Kronner                   Mr. Daniel and Sarah Snyder   Banner Bank, Winston OR  Mr. Dan and Maxine Dillman
              Mr. Dan and Maureen Kuntz   Mr. Joe and Susan Sonka   Mr. Frank and Jeredith Bartley  Dole, Coalwell, Clark,
              Mrs. Jean Larson           Mr. Eric and Joan Sonnenburg   Mr. David Bastian        Mountainspring, &
              Mr. Jeff and Nancy Lehrbach   Ms. Carolyn Starnes     Ms. Nancy Baum               Mornarich, PC
              Mr. Scott and Debora       Dr. Claire Stone           Ms. Ruth Bauman             Mr. Rex and Patricia
               Lightcap                  Ms. Lesa Beth Titus        Mr. Joseph and Barbara Beatty   Domaschofsky
              Ms. Debra Lines            Ms. Kelly Turley           BigFoot Beverage            Douglas County Forest
              Ms. Kimberly Little        Ms. Kim Turner             BJR Services, LLC            Products
              Ms. Bridget Lovelace       Ms. Traci Vazquez          Mr. Laird and Ronica Black   Driver Dentistry
              Mr. Todd Luther            Mr. Jonathan Vincent       Mr. John and Kim Blodgett   Mrs. Elizabeth Droscher
              Ms. Angela Maddux          Ms. Lindsay Wallenburn     Mrs. Donna Boak             Mr. Robert and Diane Dunas
              Ms. Sarah Mahlberg         Ms. Cynthia Wambolt        Ms. Debra Boswell           Mr. Jerry and Sherry Duncan
              Mr. John McDonough         Ms. Susan Watts            Mr. Roger and Beverly Brandt   of DA Davidson
              Mrs. Jamie McElmurry       Ms. Shanan Weberg          Mr. Wayne and Sandy Bratton    Mr. Jeff and Katie Eichenbusch
              Ms. Heather McKnight       Ms. Sarah Wilborn          Shelley Briggs-Loosley      Ms. Aimee Elko
              Ms. Kristi McWhorter       Ms. Lori Wilcox              Foundation                Mr.  Brad and Tammi Ellison
              Ms. Suzanne Mellor         Ms. Allison Williams       Ms. Diana Brown             Ms. Lynn Engle
              Ms. Hilary Metcalf         Ms. Dixie Williams         Ms. Ellen Brown             Mr. Mike and Jodi Fassler
              Ms. Maria Mueller          Ms. Kristie Wilson         Mrs. Nancy Broyhill         Mr. Steve and Jeri Feldkamp
              Mr. Jeffrey Mullins        Mr. Jeffery Wuerst         Bruce Family Properties     Mr. Randy and Carol Ferguson
              Mrs. Karla Mullins         Mr. Randy Young            Bunnell's Overhead Door, Inc.  Ms. Stacey Fernandez
              Mrs. Elena Murray          Ms. Sherene Zybach         Mr. Jeffrey and Joni Byers  Festive Catering LLC
              Ms. Teresa Myers                                      C & D Lumber Company        Mr. Joe and Karen Fiddy
              Mr. Mark and Kathleen Nickel                          C.A. Mesa Plumbing          First Choice Health Insurance,
              Mr. Johnny O'Bannon Jr.    Family Birthplace Fund     Dr.  Amy Card                Inc.
              Ms. Teia O'Neil            Mrs. Sarah Baumgartner     Mr. Peter and Kirstin Carhart  Mr. Allyn and Cheryl Ford
              Mrs. Kennette Orsingher    Mr. Jerry and Mary Griese  Ms. Linda Carnes            The Ford Family Foundation
              Ms. Judith Orson           Ms. Lisa Platt             Mr. Chuck Chappell          Mr. James and Lorraine Fox
              Ms. Laura Parnell                                     Ms. LuAnn Chillemi          Mr. Mychal and Summer Fox
              Ms. Michelle Parnell                                  Mr. Perry Maples and        Mr. Jason and Cheryl Fox
              Ms. Kylene Payne           Festival of Trees Fund       Ms. Laurie Cleveland      G. Stiles Realty,  Inc.
              Mrs. Sonja Peterson        Abby's Legendary Pizza     Mr. Richard and Renee Coen  Dr. Jay and Sandra Gade
              Mrs. Susan Piekarski        Foundation                Mr. Lawrence Collier        Dr. Beth Gallant
              Ms. Lisa Platt             Mrs. Kecia Adams           Mr. Gerald and Sue Colombo   Gordon Wood Insurance
              Mrs. Carla Polk            Advantage Dental Plan      Community Cancer Center      Agency
              Ms. Jessica Polk           Advantage Team Real Estate   Mr. Mark Conklin          Mr. Richard and Sarah Grant
              Mrs. Tina Price             Inc.                      Mr. Donald and Sherry       Mr. Jerry and Mary Griese
              Ms. Jennifer Reasoner      Dr. Alexis A Atchinson, DDS  Cooley                    Ms. Dorena Guido
              Mrs. Kelley Richardson     American Home Lending,     Mr. Jeff Cooley             Guido Construction
              Ms. Debra Rinaker           LLC                       Ms. Shanna Cooley           Mr. Anthony and Mary Haber
              Ms. Debbie Robinson        American Property          Mr. Ben and Kat Cooper      Mr. Steven and Linda Hall
              Ms. Teri Rolland            Management                Mr. Linda Counch            Ms. Terri Hamlin
              Ms. Melissa Russell        Ms. Janet Anderson         Cow Creek Band of Umpqua    Mr. Robin and Lesa Hansen-
              Mrs. Brittany Saily        Ms. Joyce Anderson           Tribe of Indians           Ray
              Mrs. Dawn Sand             Ms. Janet Ankeny           Creative Media Group Inc    Mr. Jerry Hauck
              Ms. Misti Saylor           Umpqua Health formerly     D.A. Davidson               Healthcare Realty Services Inc
              Ms. Memoriee Sconce         Architrave                Mr. Charles and Nancy Dana   Dr. Luke and Barbara
              Ms. Jessica Scott          Mr. Nathan Arrowood        Dave Hu Construction         Herscher
              Ms. Laurel Sieck           Ms. Amy Ashby              Mr. Thomas and Billie       Mr. Mike Hill
              Mr. Richard and Betty Silvas  ATRIO Health Plans, Inc.  Davidson                  Mr. Richard Holland
              Ms. Jaime Simmons          Ms. Gail Baker             DCIPA - The Physicians of   Mr. Blake Howren
                                                                      Douglas County            Mr. Randy Hubbard

                   “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
                          — John Holmes
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